Just a few years ago, I was living a completely different life. I was doing what I felt that I was ‘supposed to’ be doing. I was working full-time, my kids were going to public school and pre-school five days a week, as well as aftercare for some periods. My life was one big rush. I rushed to get to work, rushed to pick up the kids; trying to squeeze every moment of time I could out of my life, by moving as fast as I was able to.

A Very TIGHT Schedule

A cancelled flight? A train delay? The cleaning lady can’t make it? A meeting is pushed back to 4:30? My car needs a oil change? I just couldn’t handle it. I was on a very tight schedule. Every single moment was accounted for. This included the quality time I was spending with my children. Well, often I was multi-tasking, but I had so much to do! I ran a tight ship. It had to be that way for us to function. And I never, ever relaxed.

Changing Things Up

My husband and I had been talking about switching up our lifestyle for over a year. Wouldn’t it be great to live in an RV and just travel? Yes, but what about family, friends, school, work, health insurance, car insurance, money? The list goes on. There were so many ‘but what abouts’. They were never ending.


One Day I Broke

Then it happened. A terrible thing happened at work one day. Looking back, what a wonderful, terrible thing! I quit. Right there on the spot, and it was EMPOWERING. I really felt truly alive. I know what you’re thinking – you could never do that. What about that bonus you have coming in March? You have to stay for that, right? What about that Powerpoint? People are counting on you!

I thought they needed me at work. I thought I was important. When the terrible thing happened, I realized that  I was just another worker bee – very easily replaceable by another worker bee, who could spend all of their optimal daily hours commuting and buying $5 coffees and putting together presentations that maybe like half the people  actually listen to. That was the realization I came to. I had spent years doing what I was supposed to. Working hard everyday. Giving my all. To what? Not to myself and not to my family.

The Big Change

Six weeks later we had sold our house and headed out on the open road in a 28′ rented RV, searching for adventure, happiness, joy and most importantly connection. A connection between these four special people in our little family. A connection with ourselves. Our real selves. A connection with the world that we live in. No longer would we live blinded by what we were supposed to do. Now, we were going to do what we wanted to do.


Homeschooling was part of the adventure! We started off unschooling/roadschooling. We just need a transition period to regain our footing with this new life that we had jumped into. We spent a lot of time learning about the places we were driving through, visited museums and national parks. We wrote lots of postcards and made the best memories!

Together 24/7

The best part of the trip was that the four of us were together all the time! It took a couple weeks to calibrate our relationships with each other – all four of us. I remember, the first week, Sam I got into a fight, but the RV was so small that we had no place to go! We ended up laughing about it and we didn’t really fight much after that. I think most of our arguments had come from outside pressure. Traveling together relieved us of those, for the most part. We had little responsibility and few necessary tasks, which gave us a lot of time to enjoy each other.

Colorful Colorado

We have resettled ourselves in Colorado, though we are itching to get back on the road! We have found a homeschool approach that works for us – you’ll see me mention child-led learning about a billion times. We’ve found a way to live our lives on our terms. That means something different to each of us, but what it has really taught us is to respect each other as people. We are not set on this earth to live our lives for others, we are here to live life to the fullest for ourselves, and that’s what we strive for everyday.

What’s Next?

So glad you asked! We just purchased the largest RV available (44′) and we will be navigating this beast along the winding roads of our beautiful country with our two boys and a goal of visiting every state, national park and baseball field in the US! It’s quite the challenge and if you’re into it, be sure to sign up for updates – check our main page to join our subscriber list.