Back to the West Coast (and lots of driving)

We had a great three days at Lost Lemon hanging out next to the river and exploring a weird little town nearby. One thing that’s been interesting on this trip is seeing places where people live in what seem like the middle of nowhere. To think that some people live significant parts of their lives in a small town in the Canadian wilderness! There’s some appeal to that sometimes though when I think about the fast-paced lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to.

Waterton lake parks
Waterton Lakes Park

We made it out of Lost Lemon, and when I say that it’s because we almost wedged the RV into the bridge leading out of the campsite. Apparently, a 44’ long bus is about the maximum length you can make the turn from the campsite onto the narrow bridge leading to the highway. Melody did a great job spotting me as we walkie talkied our way out, but it was with literally inches on each side and we benefited from the water heater exhaust clearing the low part of the bridge. Do not want to do that again.

Waterton Lakes Park

Our next stop was Canyon Camp RV in Radium Hot Springs. We had a great site on the river there, which seems to be a common theme. We spent two days hanging out in th ehot springs pool with a gorgeous mountain backdrop and explored Kokanee National Park another day. We loved the town of Invermere, British Columbia and spent a lot of time walking around there and eating. It sounds like we missed the last of the summer rush and were able to enjoy things in the shoulder season before the ski season gets crazy.

A two-day drive in the rain and covering about 800 km took us through mountain passes and steep descents as we tested the coach’s performance. Considering the weather, altitude changes, and no side mirror the drive was pretty uneventful. The RV did awesome roaring through the mountains which we had heard some less than positive reviews about. We also traversed the infamous Coquihalla Highway which Ace became very familiar with watching Heavy Rescue 401 years ago.

We landed safely in Aldergrove, British Columbia about an hour from Vancouver and Bellingham, Washington.  We’ve spent a lot of time in Vancouver eating Chinese food, exploring Stanley Park and the science center, cruising the aquabus around False Creek and exploring different areas. The kids love going to Granville Island and getting lunch while exploring the kids market and Melody and I are enjoying being back on the West Coast.

Vancouver Aquibus
The sun came out for us in Vancouver

Yesterday, we drove across the border to Bellingham which was really cool. I will never get tired of finding all these cool cities and towns with character and cool things to do. We had lunch at a great burger place, checked out a model railroad museum, and grabbed some gelato before heading back north.

This morning we’re heading to Vancouver Island for two nights and are looking forward to the ferry ride and seeing what there is to offer. Butchart Gardens is something we’re hoping to explore, and it looks like a few days of sunshine after a lot of rain recently!


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