Another side mirror down! (not my fault this time)

Halfway through our travels through Canada and we’re loving it here. After our time at Aspen Crossing we stayed for four nights closer to Banff at Bow River Campground in Canmore before settling down for a week at Spring Lake RV Resort outside Edmonton.

Aspen crossing in Alberta CA

We made three or four trips into Edmonton which was fun. Calgary was more our style, but as former city dwellers we have enjoyed all our trips into big cities.

Taking the high tracks in Edmonton, AB
Taking the high tracks in Edmonton, AB

We made a trip to the West Edmonton Mall, and it’s no ordinary mall! The place is almost four million square feet and has an amusement park, water park, mini golf course, bowling alley, hotel, ice palace, and about a thousand shops, restaurants and assorted other attractions.

The size of the place is something to see, and we got our fill in one of the mall’s three complexes playing mini golf and going to the arcade, doing some quick shopping, and grabbing lunch.

Edmonton AB mall
A pirate ship in the Edmonton Mall

We made it to another science museum, the Telus Museum of Science and the kids had a great time as always. They also made sure to catch a ride on the high-level bridge streetcar that took us to the Old Strathcona neighborhood which was a mix of funky shops that reminded me of the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco. We found an ice cream shop and a cool vintage toy place and spent the afternoon milling around.

Ace celebrated his ninth birthday in Edmonton, which blows my mind. Halfway to being an adult. We celebrated with a teppanyaki dinner and later in the RV with a cherry pie he requested, and he opened a bunch of vehicle-related presents. He got the day off from homeschooling as well, which may have been his favorite part of everything.

Edmonton AB ice cream

Leaving Spring Lake, we made it to Calaway Amusement Park and RV Park and that’s when things started going horribly wrong. We pulled into the parking lot and Melody went in to check us in while the boys and I sat in the parked coach near the office. As soon as we parked, I saw an RV come flying up behind us on the left side, passing us about a foot from my seat. I leaned on my air horn, which is amazingly loud, but it did nothing to deter the driver as I watched him cleanly remove my driver side mirror with the rear of his RV as he attempted to make a u-turn.

I got out, knowing the hassle and cost of replacing a side mirror (see my Texas toll booth experience), and was pretty frustrated as I spoke with the other driver. He didn’t seem to be too concerned about hitting us, which was even more frustrating, and we exchanged information and got settled. Apparently in Canada, if there is more than two thousand dollars in damage you need to file a police report, a fact he neglected to mention. The mirror is pretty expensive and did minor damage to the side of the RV when it bounced off of it, which should be more than two thousand, unfortunately. I ended up having to go down to the local station a half hour away and spent a couple hours filing the report that night. For what it’s worth, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police couldn’t have been cooler to work with; they were great.

Camping in  Edmonton AB

After the accident, we parked and started to set up which made me realize our site was so slanted we wouldn’t be able to put the slides out on the RV. That makes a normally pretty roomy living area very tight and the next two nights were fairly unpleasant. It was a long two days before we were able to leave Calaway. We did make it out for a hot pot dinner to celebrate Goosey’s sixth birthday the night before we left. The boys thought cooking their meat at the table was awesome and let us know we could go for hot pot anytime we wanted!

Leaving Calaway, we pulled into Lost Lemon RV Resort yesterday and it’s been great. We cleaned and reorganized the RV again, and we’re relaxing at the camp site while Canada prepares to go back to school tomorrow.

Near Calgary in Spring Lake

We’re about a week away from Vancouver, and I’m counting the minutes until I can call Newmar in the morning to order another mirror!


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