Bozeman, Montana, Glacier National Park and the Extreme Laptop Challenge

Bozeman, Montana was our next stop and we loved it. Mel and I put it on our short list of places we’d consider settling in, though we’re now thinking we may want to live in different cities for a season before moving on, following the weather we like. San Diego in the winter, Austin in the Spring, Bozeman in the summer, etc. but that’s another post.

Hiking in Bozeman Montana

We really enjoyed our time in Bozeman. It felt like Boulder but without all the crowding. We’ve realized that aside from construction delays, we haven’t really hit any traffic for the past month or so, which is saying something since we’re used to the Bay Area and Boulder, both pretty traffic-heavy spots.

We ended up spending a lot of time exploring downtown Bozeman; they have a great variety of restaurants and shops in a really cool area. Goosey and I spent half a day at the Montana museum of science and then the boys returned the next day with Mel while I changed the headlights on the Jeep. We loved the charming neighborhoods and feel of downtown Bozeman.

Glacier national park Montana

After four nights, we headed off to Missoula where we dropped the RV off for service and stayed in a hotel for a few nights. We hiked the “M” and made it all the way to the top, a challenge that didn’t seem probable when we started but the boys were resolute in their commitment to accomplish their goal and succeeded!

The Laptop Challege

During all of this excitement, Sam was faced with an extreme challenge – fly to Denver, dig though our storage unit jam packed to the brim with things like tables and chairs and Playmobil sets and find the laptop that he somehow left behind (silly Sam). I had high hopes and he nailed it! He got into Denver around noon, went straight to the storage unit, opened it and found the missing laptop in the first box he looked it. It was destiny. He rewarded himself with a Chipotle burrito and got on a 5pm flight back to Missoula. Now we can both type at the same time, so it was totally worth it!

Hiking the M in Missoula Montana

We decided to go to Glacier National Park for a night and booked a hotel since it was about 2 ½ hours from Missoula. It was really amazing driving and trekking around the park. We stopped at McDonald Lake and tried to book a boat tour but they were sold out, which was perfect because we ended up renting a small boat and taking it out ourselves. It was so much more fun than the tour and the boys got some time to drive the boat around the lake with the picturesque views of Glacier behind us.

Lake McDonald in Glacier national park

We left Missoula a few days ago for Couer d’Alene, Idaho where we’re exploring for a few days. We will be crossing into Canada on Tuesday, so our next correspondence will be international. Let us know if you have any ideas for travel in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff or Vancouver, eh?


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