We Can’t Quit The Natural State

We’ve decided to set up shop in Arkansas for longer than expected after being taken by its natural beauty and spending some time in Little Rock. It’s the first place Melody and I have been on our trip that we have added to our “We Could Live Here One Day” list.

Originally slated to spend one night here, we extended our time in Little Rock to include four additional nights, giving us a total of nine nights in Arkansas. We moved from the KOA we stayed in our first night in Little Rock to a site along the riverfront which offers great proximity to downtown. Mel and the boys have found their favorite ice cream shop, which has surpassed Blue Spruce in Oklahoma City as the self-proclaimed “Best Ice Cream in the World.” I should qualify that with the knowledge that seems to be heavily influenced by whatever ice cream shop they’re sitting in at the moment the votes are cast.

We spent the Fourth of July cruising around the city, checking out some neighborhoods before heading down to the Riverfront area for some of the festivities. There were some giant bounce houses set up for the kids and they were free! Hard to believe since we’ve always had to buy tickets for stuff like that in the past. The difference between the Bay Area and other parts of the country, I guess.

We spent Thursday night watching three fireworks shows on the banks of the Arkansas River. It was a beautiful and secluded spot to be, and the boys loved the excitement. It’s the first time they’ve stayed up late enough to watch a 4th of July fireworks show, and it was worth it.

Friday morning we went to the Macarthur Military of Arkansas Military History, which was a great opportunity for me to talk to Ace about the basics of the Civil War, World War 2, and the Vietnam War. He’s very interested in those conflicts, so it’s something we can discuss the more we travel. I’ll have to put some thought into deciding how to discuss this with an eight-year-old, but that’s part of the fun of roadschooling.

We spent most of Saturday waiting for Melody to get her hair done. Kidding… sort of. In the morning we went on a nature walk through the woods before dropping Melody at the salon and the boys and I spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble. In the afternoon, we rode the Blue Line streetcar from North Little Rock to Little Rock and back, hopping off for dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

On Sunday we found a playground in the morning where the kids could burn off some energy. It’s essential for us to do this in the morning when it’s “only” 85 degrees and humid out. After lunch we spent the afternoon at the Clinton Memorial Library and the Arkansas History Museum. The Clinton Library was really cool and provided great insight into the first president I really remember.

Tomorrow the RV goes in for maintenance so we’re spending the night in a hotel, which the kids are really excited about. Bath time!

The itinerary dates have changed a bit to accommodate the change in our plans, but we’ll be leaving Tuesday and following the same path to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. We just needed a little more time down south first.


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