Staying busy in Galveston

We’re settling in to Galveston nicely. I say that because the high-80s temperatures with corresponding humidity is growing on me, it’s just a foregone conclusion I will sweat through my shirt multiple times a day. I had to abandon my mostly black t-shirt collection for a pack of white v-necks from Walmart… much better.

Riding the rails

Last weekend we spent half a day at the Galveston Railroad Museum, one of the coolest train museums we’ve seen. They have a nice mix of inside (air conditioned!) and outside exhibits and the boys enjoyed climbing through a dozen vintage train cars and engines. It was really interesting seeing what was considered first class travel generations ago. I’ve always been fascinated by the 1950s and can imagine how cool it would have been to take a long trip riding the rails, eating great meals in the dining car and sleeping in the bunk beds. Being picked up from the station in my 1957 Chevy Bel Air is a given, of course.

Walking The Strand

Sunday we headed to The Strand, a cool neighborhood in Galveston where walking around with open alcohol containers is encouraged. We’re boring and didn’t drink but the vibe was right. After checking out some touristy shops and a cool toy store, we hopped on the Galveston trolley and cruised around, stopping at Taquilo’s for some amazing tacos followed by a treat at Hey Mikey’s Ice cream. After a margarita, Mel realized her hat was gone (her beloved floppy hat!) and we tracked it down at the toy store before heading home.

Being on the coast means fresh fish all the time, and Melody and I are making the most of it. We went by Katie’s Seafood Market to pick up some grouper and giant prawns and made amazing tacos with some coleslaw, corn tortillas and hot sauce.

Exploring Space Town

Being an hour from Houston gives us access to a world-class city while sleeping oceanside, so we headed to the Children’s Museum of Houston on Monday. The boys loved running around and playing with the science exhibits before we walked to Barnaby’s for an amazing lunch. Ace orders steak every opportunity he gets so the boys split a steak dinner. We cruised through Whole Foods to stock up on a few luxuries before taking our daily post-dinner swim at the splash pad and pool at the RV park.

Dolphin watching

We slept in until 8 o’clock yesterday and after knocking out some homeschool work caught the Galveston Island Ferry to Crystal Beach. The ferry was awesome. We drove the Jeep on and then watched dolphins playing in the water and passed a shipwreck on the way to Goat Island. Crystal Beach allows you to drive your car along the beach to your preferred spot, which meant no carrying everything this time for me! We hung out for a few hours playing in the waves and digging holes in the sand before we headed back. Goosey and I enjoyed the return ferry ride from the observation deck which has spectacular views of the Galveston harbor. We grabbed some fresh fish from Katie’s before dinner and a movie in the RV.

Melody got a large order from her Etsy shop, so the boys and I have a full day booked in Houston on Sunday to give her time to fill and package everything. I’m sure the next few days will be full of fun and adventure before we head into the weekend!

A few things…

I texted out the link to the first post to people in my contact list, but going forward the easiest way to keep up with us is to follow our blog. Please do so!

I will work on a future post about the RV, I know everyone is very interested in the coach and what it’s like inside and out!

Please comment on posts if you have any travel tips or questions. Thanks!


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