Gold Mining in Central City, CO

Our trial run in the RV was nothing short of totally awesome. We visited Central City, CO which is an old mining town that really takes you back in time – the downtown area remains pretty much untouched.

First, The Rig

We just quickly booked a spot at the Denver/Central City KOA, thinking that this would be near Denver, and having no clue where Central City was. Isn’t Denver THE Central City in Colorado?? Well, no. We realized this as we ascended up to 8,500+ feet and reached our destination in the heart of… nowhere?

There were a couple minor confusions like getting the hot water to work, ended up taking a super cold shower, which was great since I forgot to bring coffee. Totally woke me up! The RV was amazing and we had such a great view from our spot!

RV at the KOA in Central City

The Richest Square Mile in the World

Central City is an old mining town where they found a ton of gold back in the day and the town remains pretty much untouched. It feels like going back in time. This town used to be called “Richest Square Mile in the World” so the buildings are really amazing considering they were all built way up in the mountains in the 1850s.

You can see abandoned mines and equipment all around, there’s an old steam train, wild west shows and we even went to tour an old gold mine.

Downtown central city

Gold Mining in Central City

The gold mine tour was really incredible. We all wore hard hats and went down into a mine that was active from about 1850 to 1970. There, we learned about the rich history of the mine – it used to be a volcano way, way back which is probably how all of the minerals got there. We used real mining tools to mine for gold ourselves. We are talking a mallet and chisel in my kids hands. A little scary, but they were SO into it and they learned a ton about geology and history.

Gold mining in central city

Our RV had this amazing spot way up high, overlooking all of Central City. The town itself is pretty run down and they introduced gambling in the 1990’s, so it’s kind a depressing scene, but there was a great arcade that the kids loved, so we had to go into town and do that.

It’s also very close to Idaho Springs and Blackhawk were there is way more going on, but for a random 48 hour trip, this ended up being the perfect little spot for us!  


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