We Just Bought the Biggest RV Ever

Alright, so we just purchase the biggest RV in the world (feels like it at least). It’s a 44 foot Newmar Dutch Star and it has every feature any fulltime RVer could ask for. We are talking dishwasher, washer/dryer, bunk room, two bathrooms, convection oven, recliners, etc. I mean, basically the things that most people just expect to have in their homes where they live. Last time around, we realized that having ALL of these important things would make our lives so much easier on the road, and this rig meet those requirements and more!

Biggest RV ever

Drives Like A Dream

Driving the rig was the biggest challenge last time around. We were in a 28′ Winnebago Vista that was on a van chassis, so when the wind hit it, it totally felt like we were going to fly off the road. Not a cool feeling my friends.

This time around, we insisted on a freight liner chassis, you know the kind that they make for 18 wheelers? Way sturdier! Super important feature guys. Do not underestimate the power of the chassis. So, even thought this is the biggest RV – like wayyyy bigger – it’s actually easier to drive.

Also, I plan to totally procrastinate on learning to drive this thing, so I’m just reiterating what Sam tells me, but it feel fairly accurate.

Notable: this thing has 6 TVs. As we plan to really not watch TV on this trip, that is kind of annoying. I will be confiscating all the remotes.

The Bunk Room

Okay, let’s talk about the bunk room, because this was the major, #1 reason we got this specific model – which we had to fly all the way to Orlando to check out because there is literally like 1 available in the whole country (also, it’s not longer available because we bought it).

Last time around, and this is true for most rigs, the bunks were in the hallway which was SUPER ANNOYING for two reasons. Reason #1 was all of their stuff, blankets, books, socks – who knows what they had in those bunks, would pour out all over the hallway floor. Reason #2 was that after the kids went to bed we could not go out into the main area because they were sleeping IN THE HALLWAY. Not ideal.

This model has a bunk room all the way in the back of the rig with tons of amazing storage and A DOOR. Which is huge, because we can close that door and then hang out like normal adults and do cool things like load the dishwasher while watching Netflix on one of our six TVs. Extraordinary.

Biggest RV bunk room

The Slide Outs

Our last rig had a super slide (this means huge slide out) on one side, so when that slide was open, it was basically just enough room to walk through. This beast of an RV has two super slides and an extra slide for the bedroom (3 total) so there is actually room to move around and it feels more like a living area. This also allows for two recliners and a sofa so we can all sit together. It didn’t really feel like there was room for that in the last RV.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is incredible. It’s amazing. It is like a REAL KITCHEN. It has a real, full size fridge AND there is even an extra freezer below, in a storage area. This is great because our two favorite foods are frozen waffles and popsicles and if we run out it’s like doomsday. It automatically becomes the worst day ever. Must keep stocked up on ESSENTIALS.

Also, there is counter space and there is a stovetop, I mean I could go on and on, but now I’m just bragging so I’ll stop.

Biggest RV kitchen

Test Run

The only thing about this big, fancy RV is that we don’t know how to get anything to work! So as we quickly skim through the 10,000 page instruction manual before we head out fulltime, we will also be taking this bus out on the open road for a test run and staying at a nearby RV resort as we try to get the hang of everything.

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Biggest RV Newmar DUTCH star

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