Social Emotional Development Tools and Materials

I am a firm believer in focusing on social emotional development within the first five to six years of life. Studies show that children who focus on social emotional behavior early on, catch up with their academic peers by first or second grade and have a tendency to become leaders with higher self esteem that children who focused on academics at an earlier age.

With that being said – I’ve been working on these amazing social emotional resources that are great for children with special needs, who may have a more difficult time connecting with their peers and understanding social norms, but also for any child to become more compassionate, more self assured and to promote a higher emotional IQ. Please check them out and let me know what you think!

Self Regulation Toolbox

The Self Regulation Toolbox is a great resource for children struggling with self control. This tangible toolbox is a no prep activity that allows children to decorate their own tangible toolbox and fill it with the self regulation tools provided . Features eight self regulation tools on note cards that will fill the toolbox plus additional blank tool cards for students to fill out if they have specific self regulation techniques. Serves as a visual reminder and can live on the edge of a desk.

Social emotional self regulation toolbox

Whole Body Listening

Whole Body Listening provides a matching games, checklist and classroom visual to help students become aware of what whole body listening looks and and to provide visual reminders that focus on how different parts of our body show our listener that we are paying attention.

Social emotional whole body listening

Identifying Feelings & Emotions

Identifying Feelings and Emotions is a no prep, fun game with a dice that features various emotions. Students can make the emotion that they roll or tell the teacher something that makes them feel that way. Once they have a grasp of emotions and feelings, there are corresponding worksheets that help students get in touch with how their body reacts to feelings certain emotions. Activity and game heighten emotional awareness and awareness of others’ feelings.

Social emotional recognizing emotions and feelings

I Have an Idea! Cooperative Play Scenarios

I Have An Idea! Is an interactive activity developed to enhance social emotional awareness. Four scenarios play out through task cards, puzzles and outcome cards, walking children through the process of incorporating others’ ideas into play. In each scenario, the child starts by playing alone. Another child joins in and add to play. Scenario cards work as social stories, outlining the situation. Children then piece together a visual puzzle based on the social story (reading skills are not necessary). Outcome cards detail the benefits of cooperative play and the enjoyment in incorporating others’ thoughts and ideas.

Social emotional cooperative play scenarios

So, that’s basically how I homeschool kindergarten. I remind myself daily that learning is not a race, it’s a process. To nail down these incredibly important concepts early on is to be one step ahead later in life. I hope these have inspired you to take a step back and approach schooling with a whole child mindset!


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