Easy Science Projects: Science Circles Activity

Science Circles are great, easy science projects and science activities that make teaching science simple and fun. This curriculum is activity-based and kept both my kids, ages 5 and 8, engaged. It’s a perfect activity for early elementary or late pre-school and would also make a great rainy day craft project. You can download this easy science project for free at the bottom of this page.

easy science projects free download packet

Science Circles Easy Science Project

I call them Science Circles because they are basically science topics in a circular form. They teach everything from migration to food groups to the five senses. When I started researching earth science topics, I realized that most subjects either have subcategories or are cyclic. I was looking for easy science projects to teach the basics of each topic and so I created these spinning circles of science facts! As they get older, we can dive deeper into these subjects, but for now these science circles are the perfect tools for visualizing the key points of each topic.

The one extra tool that you will need for this science activity are these little fasteners. I definitely recommend them for any teacher or homeschooler. I bought them for one project and use them all the time!

easy science project for elementary and preschoolers

How Science Circles Work

This easy science project involves a bit of cutting and gluing. Students will cut out the triangles and glue them onto the circles. You can go deeper into the subjects with a read aloud. Here is a great resource on migration, another on the senses and lastly, here is one all about food groups. After they finish the cutting and gluing, you can add the top cover to their circle with your fastener.

Download Science Circles

If you love this idea, you can download the packet for free below and you might also be interested in these free space printables. Have fun!

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