Multiplication Worksheets & Teaching Methods

Teaching multiplication can be a challenge, but these easy, straightforward worksheets provide an array of tools and methods for teaching multiplication in a simplified manner. The worksheets provide a multiplication table, two digit multiplication guide, the area multiplication model in three easy steps and a worksheet template for additional problems. Each worksheet is detailed below and the four page, free download is available at the bottom of the page.

multiplication worksheet examples

Multiplication Table

This multiplication table is a key learning element for kids, especially as they move toward two digit multiplication, it can feel overwhelming without having this multiplication worksheet as reference guide. This table goes up to nine and is meant to be used as a tool for kids who are starting to memorize and understand single digit multiplication and getting ready to move to double digit problems.

Two Digit Multiplication Guide & Additional Problems Worksheets

The two digit multiplication worksheet serves as a guide and walks through the sets of double digit multiplication. While teaching multiplication, I found that there was an understand of each step individually, but confusion as to the order of the steps. I also noticed how easily a problem can be messed up by forgetting a step as simple as inserting a placeholder “0” (a new concept at this level) and how frustrating that can be. This guide helps children focus and provides a reference to guide them through more complex multiplication problems.

The additional multiplication worksheet is laid out in the same manner as the guide to help streamline the learning process. Children can seamlessly reference the guide steps and apply them to the worksheet modules.

Area Model Two Digit Multiplication Worksheet

The area model is a fantastic tool for learning the basics of two digit multiplication. It simplifies the process, shortens the steps and makes multiplication seem less daunting. It also gives children a “brain tool” that will help them as they progress in multiplication and allow them to visualize the problem and solve it.

Multiplication Worksheet Pack

The various multiplication worksheets within the packet are meant to compliment each other as students progress from early multiplication learning to more advanced problems. Additionally, the area model may work for some while the multiplication guide might work better for others so it does provide a bit of flexibility in teach to each students strengths. I hope you find it useful in your teaching and please check out some of my other free worksheets and printable packs like Menu Math, a project based learning program. Also, these great math worksheets are a fantastic precursor to the two digit multiplication pack.

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