Sample homeschool schedule & homeschool calendar printable

Here is a sample homeschool schedule and homeschool calendar printable to give you an idea of what our day generally looks like and to help you structure your homeschool day! We focus on project-based learning and child led learning so our week generally revolves around what the kids are most interested in at that moment and providing learning opportunities related to those topics. However, even though the topics change, the general structure of day is fairly consistent.

The homeschool calendar above is the one that I use to organize my day. Generally, the work will be themed around a project, but I made this a little more generic so that you can see how it can apply to your everyday schedule. You can also download this exact schedule at the bottom of the page.

Here is a quick peek at my personal homeschool calendar printable, filled in with our sample homeschool schedule to give you an idea of how the calendar can help guide your day.

Sample homeschool schedule example

Step 1: Early Morning Play

We generally wake up, have breakfast and do a little play time as opposed to diving right into work. Sometimes we all play together, building train tracks or LEGO. Some mornings we do art. This gives us some time to connect and helps me get a feel for what kind of mood they are in and how I should introduce their homeschool work to them. We do this for a half hour or so.

Sample Homeschool Schedule Step 2: Get Ready To Work

After we finish play, our sample homeschool schedule tells us it’s time to get ready to work. This basically means that the kids need to brush their teeth and spend a few minutes transitioning from play to homeschool.

Step 3: Introduce the work

Before we start work, I give them a list of their tasks for the day. This will also include any outings we have planned and the time we are planning to be there. My kids do best when they understand the structure of the day. This also gives them the opportunity to choose which work they would like to do first.

List of Tasks:

Our list of tasks for the day usually looks something like this:

  1. Reading, 30 minutes.
  2. Writing: can be either a four line poem, a comic with at least 5 sentences or a half page of journal writing
  3. Math, 2 digit multiplication
  4. Science experiment like this one /History project like this one
  5. Playdate at the park at 2pm

This list of tasks helps them understand what is expected of them and they are able to cross things off as they go along. I know some other moms do this a little differently, some do a bucket with clothespins, each clothespin has a task and when they are done, they toss them in the bucket. When all the clothespins are in the bucket, they are done for the day. Our day is always different, and this list gives us the opportunity to chat about everything, answer questions, etc. beforehand. If there is any hesitation on their part, we discuss and I am always open to switching things around if they have better ideas. On the sample homeschool calendar, I list my subjects out the exact same way, so everything flows together.

Sample Homeschool Schedule Step 4: Getting Our Work Done

Now it’s time for actual work, for this sample homeschool schedule, let’s say we start with writing, which we generally do. This will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I usually have them do their work in the kitchen so I can answer any questions they have, help spell words, etc. On my homeschool calendar printable you can see that we do a variety of writing styles and I usually let my kids choose what they want to write about. As long as they are writing, I’m pretty flexible!

Once writing is done, the kids usually take a break. This is often time for second breakfast! I give them 15/20 minutes, especially if we aren’t in a rush to get anywhere. We take our time.

Step 5: Math

We try to get math and writing out of the way early, as those are the most challenging tasks for my kids. Math is generally one-on-one time. With my older son, we are working through multiplication and with my younger son we are doing more games, addition, using a lot of manipulative. Usually, while I work with one, the other one reads, so we get two subject knocked out at the same time! I also do try to throw in some new concepts here so we aren’t just working on the same thing everyday. You can see on my homeschool calendar printable that I will switch it up and add in geometry one day if multiplication is getting boring.

Sample Homeschool Schedule Step 6: Hands On Activity

I try to incorporate either science or history each day. We rarely do both in one day, that just becomes too much for me and for them. For history, it can be anything from a read aloud, to researching something, to making a model of a historical town. We use things like LEGO, kinetic sand, felt, old cardboard boxes. The kids really enjoy doing this, but it can take a long time! For science, we do lots STEM projects, nature experiments, and space related curriculum. We also love to visit museums! You can see on my filled out homeschool calendar printable, above, that some weeks we will focus more on one subject if the kids are really interested in it.

Step 7: Outings!

We try to do something social or get out in nature most days, whether it be a playdate at a friend’s house, a bike ride or a trip to the park. This is something we really enjoy and it’s a perk of homeschool, to have this time with the kids before everyone else is out of school.

A Note on Timing:

Homeschooling can take us anywhere from 2-5 hours, depending on the cooperation level and tasks at hand. We generally start early as we like to be done by 12 or 1.

Homeschool Calendar Printable

As part of this sample homeschool schedule, I’ve also put together this homeschool calendar printable to help you organize your week as well. Whether you’re week is similar, or totally different, it’s great to have a record of what you’ve been working on. I like to have this in case I ever get questions from the state, but more because it’s interesting for me to look back on all the progress we’ve made and it will be a nice reference when my younger son is older, I can see if we are working on similar subjects, levels, etc.

If you’re looking for other homeschool calendar and schedule ideas, Pros and Cons of Homeschool has some great ones and The Homeschool Mom has a variety of schedules if you’re looking for different types of homeschool schedules.


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