PBL Project: Planning a Trip

For this PBL project, we are going to be planning a trip! PBL stands for Project Based Learning. If you would like to familiarize yourself a bit more with PBL, there is a great blog post here that lists the main differentiators between PBL and traditional teaching methods. Each project incorporates a variety of subjects, is child-led and requires a fair bit of problem solving, culminating in a finished project.

Planning a Trip

Planning a Trip incorporates all of these PBL project elements as the child chooses where they will go, assesses the destination, creates a budget and plans an itinerary. The subjects span writing, geography, math concepts, problem solving, critical thinking and presentation skills. This is a great program for a variety of ages, but is created specifically for mid-elementary years.

Where will they go?

The first step for this PBL project is for the child to choose where they want to go. This could be anywhere at all! Once the destination is determined, they will figure out semantics like distance, mode of transportation, speed and travel time. The student will also map their route visually.

PBL project planning a trip

Trip planning details

Next up in the PBL project, they will decide what to pack, based on climate and the time of year they will be traveling. They will also do some research to figure out where they will stay and they’ll get to decide who they will be traveling with.


The student can then look into local attraction and figure out how they will spend their time during their vacation. Also, how will they get around? Will they need a rental car or will they take taxis or the subway? This part of the PBL project will require some research so it’s ideal to have access to a computer, unless they are familiar with the location.

PBL project itinerary details


Now that they have all of the details laid out, it’s time to figure out how much this trip will cost! They will list out the trip items, the individual cost, consider the number of people going and determine the total cost of the trip. This will mainly focus on critical thinking and multiplication skills.

Inspiration and Reflection

The PBL project concludes with a couple questions like how many months will it take them to save for the trip with a few different formulas to help them figure this out. Lastly, they’re asked to draw a picture of their dream location as inspiration for a long term goal.

Download This Project

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