Teaching Measurement: Free Printables for Kids

Teaching measurement is a great, fun way to teach math to all ages. I’ve put together a Units of Measurement pack for my kindergartener and third grader and have made it available to everyone down at the bottom of the page. Here is quick overview of the tools you will need and what is included in this teaching measurement packet.


Since we are teaching measurement, it’s important to have the proper tools to measure! For this project, your child will need a ruler and a tape measure. Kids love playing with tape measures, but be sure they know that this is a tool, not a toy!teaching measurement to

Teaching measurement: measuring height and width

First, we will be teaching measurement of inches. The first page is a fun introduction to measuring things and shows a number of items and asks the child to measure either width or height of the object. This is a great way to introduce the idea of height being a vertical measurement and width being a horizontal measurement. Be sure to have your rulers out!

If your child enjoys this, feel free to build on it by having them measure various items in the house and jot down their width and height.

measuring height and width

Teaching measurement: measuring perimeter

The next couple pages build on the idea of height and width as they apply to square and rectangular objects. For this portion, you will need both a ruler and a tape measure.

First, we will be measuring a smaller item in inches. Here I suggest a box, but it could really be anything. It’s much easier if this is a square or rectangular item as we are just introducing the idea of perimeter and that will simplify the concept.

Next, we will measure something larger – a room! This could be their room, or the living room. Again, focus on a rectangular room. Some houses have rooms with odd angles and that would make this a more difficult task.

This is a great activity for real life application of addition and the introduction of geometry. We applied this teaching measurement concept to a child-led learning program about vintage vehicles which made it really interesting and fun to learn.

Teaching measurement perimeter

Teaching measurement: measuring area

This is more of a complex idea, but it actually sounds more difficult than it really is, and it’s a great concept to learn if you are doing a lot of project-based learning as it can be integrated into so many real-life scenarios such as building a restaurant.

We take those same box and room measurements and use a worksheet with the formula provided to figure out the area of the room. Now this can also be taken way further, depending on your child’s level of interest.

teaching measurement area

Teaching measurement: Adding on

For our units of measurement week, we combined this packet (additional pages, not shown above) with our temperature measuring free printables and we will be expanding on this next week with teaching distance measurement using Hot Wheels cars. More to come! If you’re interested in trying this out for yourselves, download the packet below!

Download free printable: Units of Measurement

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