Math Worksheets: Free Math Printables for 1st-3rd grade

These money math worksheets are perfect for grades kindergarten through third grade and are created from a project based learning perspective, so they incorporate many subjects and elements such as writing, reading, charting and math concepts like multiplication, division, charting and addition. For younger children, some of the more complex math concepts can be omitted, or a parent can calculate that for them. It’s made to be a flexible program and I did it successfully with both my 5-year-old and my 8-year-old. The download is at the bottom of the page, and here is a quick synopsis of what’s included. 

Printable Money Math Worksheets Intro

I started these printable money math worksheets off with a fun element to get the kids engaged, asking questions and ready to work! This packet starts with a great poem called “Smart”, by Shel Silverstein, all about money. It’s a funny little poem and I think that any kid would have a couple interesting comments about it.

Then, the math printable packet includes two pages about poems and gives kids a chance to write a poem. These two pages can be totally omitted if you are only focusing on the math element. There will still be four pages of math worksheets that will make sense without these elements. I like to include them for a more well-rounded curriculum and because it’s something that I know my kids will think is fun and creative.

This is what my 8-year-old wrote. I think it’s amazing, of course.

Math worksheets teach kids about money

Money Math Printable & Math Concepts

Now for the money part of the printable money math worksheets! This can involve actual money, or you can use the printable page with money printed on it if you just want to stick to the packet. We did a little of both, since we homeschool and it was easy for us to just get a handful of change to sort through, but you can just stick to the math worksheets and that will totally work too! Each kid should get a handful of coins or use the money printable page and they can chart, sort, count and multiple the money they have, learning everything from how much each coin is worth to multiplying and adding to figure out how much money they have total.

If you are using real money, it’s fun to include a half dollar or dollar coin. Sometimes I can get these from vending machines or at the train station, but if not, this printable still works great!

I think it makes the math printable project more fun if they use real money and provides an element of real world application which usually goes a long way in the engagement and interest my kids show toward a project.

After they chart all of their money, it’s time to add it all up! There is also a math worksheet that gives them a chance to add up money in each “wallet”. Next comes the multiplication math worksheet. They multiple the quantity of each coin times the value and find out the total value of the money they have!

math worksheets help kids identify coins add and multiple them.

Expanding On the Project With a Science Experiment

Once we are done with the printable money math worksheets, my kids and I are going to do a science experiment, cleaning the coins! This one at looks perfect and we can see how different liquid clean the coins.using actual coins for the math worksheets incorporates a real world element

Download Free Printable Money Math Worksheets

If you’re interested in this teaching money math printable, you can download it below, and if you’d like to check out my other math printables, here are some fun math worksheets that you can do with playing cards and a project based learning program called Menu Math that my kids really enjoyed.

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