Valentine’s Day Language Arts Free Printables

I put together some fun Valentine’s Day free printables to help my kids learn parts of speech and pronouns. The first page is an opportunity for the kids to differentiate which hearts on the page feature pronouns vs. nouns. The second is a Valentine’s Day themed Mad Libs, funny sentences write-up. The funny sentences are one of the boys favorite activities. The both do them in secret and then read them out loud to each over and over again. Feel free to download this Valentine’s Day Language Arts Printable Pack at the bottom of this page.

I do follow a child-led learning approach to homeschool, and the other day we started making Valentine’s. We spend over an hour just cutting and gluing little cards together. I love it when we do a project that both of my kids find interesting! They are five and eight, so their skills varies, but any kind of art works well for both of them.

My younger son is just learning about parts of speech and my older son can use a refresher and a deeper understand of things like pronouns.

For the Mad Libs, funny sentences, I usually write them for my kindergartener as we go through it together. Every child works at their own pace, and that’s especially true for son who just turned 5. His comprehension and reading skills are fantastic, but he struggles with writing. I try not to push him to write, but instead, allow opportunities for writing. For example, he gets intimidated writing sentences, but the other day he labeled a ton of boxes in the pantry with a Sharpie! So, we do projects like these Valentine’s Day free printables together, where he dictates and I write.

Valentine’s Day pronoun printable

After we do these two worksheets, we will spend the rest of the week eating candy hearts and making Valentine’s. Kidding.

I did find this great Valentine’s Day mailbox printable at that we will be making and I’ll encourage the kids to make Valentine’s for each other, and for friends throughout the week. All of the instructions, etc are on her site, linked to above.

Valentine’s Day mailbox printable

I love celebrating the holidays through projects that are fun and let my kids take the lead. And hopefully this child-centric approach to Valentine’s Day will be a great opportunity learning opportunity for them as well.

Free Valentine’s Printable Download

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