Child-Led Learning LEGO STEAM Curriculum & Free Printables

This year we are leaning into child-led learning and to start the year off right, I want to create a curriculum that my boys could look forward to. Here is my plan for constructing an entire weeks worth of learning around LEGO Power Function and bricks!

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Child led learning with lego power function

Child Led Learning with Prompts

My 8-year-old is very interested in LEGO Power Functions, but isn’t exactly sure how to use it with his custom builds, so our first step will be research! I found a few good YouTube tutorials like this one and grabbed this book from the library, The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book. The first step will be to understand how it works.

Resources to support child based interests

Incorporating Math and Writing

I just ordered a binding machine (I’m officially a real homeschool mom now) and we are going to make a book around the printables I created to support this LEGO endeavor. My older son will be creating five pages on how to use Power Functions, with pictures. However, if he has a better idea, we usually go with that. It’s all about internal motivation with writing, so I generally don’t care what he’s writing about as long as he’s doing the work!

We will be using this writing template that I made for the book. For some reason, he does a lot better with this format vs. a blank piece of binder paper. I think it provides a little structure and he can start with a picture/drawing which isn’t quite as intimidating, especially after two weeks off of school.

Child led writing prompt free printable

LEGO Math Printables

I created a little LEGO math curriculum that I’m trying keep fun while still integrating multiplication. We will see how this all plays out!

First, grab a random bunch of LEGO and chart them. This is the charting lego free printable that I made.

Charting free printable

Then, we use the numbers from the columns in the chart to answer some word problems. LEGO Math! Here is the lego math free printable. I will probably try to do a sheet like this for a few days and then just standard two digit multiplication the other days.

Lego power functions word problems free printables


As this is a STEAM technic toy, I think that just figuring out how the gears work and building something that actually functions is going to be a real learning process. I love seeing how his mind works when he puts things together. He has such wonderful ideas and imaginative builds.

Stem teach problem solving through child led interests

This is a great example of child-led learning covering our main subjects through fun activities that cater to the child’s interests. A couple other great examples are the Space program we did a few weeks back and learning history through ships which was a great project my son thought up!


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