Child-Led Learning: Fun Math Games

There are so many wonderful math games that can be leveraged for child-led learning that there is even an entire philosophy around it called gameschooling. We love to play games and so I’m wiling to invest in a handful of quality games that we can used as a fun way to learn math concepts. Here are a few of our favorites!

#1 The family favorite: The allowance game! 

This game functions kind of like Monopoly, but the money looks realistic and is in standard bills. Each player starts with $3 and the first player to reach $20 wins. It’s a great way to learn about money and my kids just love this game. I’m sure I’ve played it 8 million times. Also, my boys will play this together, making it a somewhat hands off activity, which is always great.

5 fun math games homeschool allowance game

2. The classic: Yahtzee

For us, this was the best way to teach multiplication. It’s very visual and very fun. Also, a great way to add multiple digits, carry over, etc. I love this game, so I’m always pushing for it!

#3 The best for early learners: Math Bingo

This is a fun one if you’re teaching your kids how to add and subtract one and two digit numbers. There are a variety of boards in fun colors and each has addition on one side and subtraction on the other. The numbers are places upside down and players take turns picking a number. The first player to get the answers to all 9 problems wins!

5 fun math games math bingo homeschool math

#4 The random Scholastic buy: Buckets ‘o Berries 

I swear, I find the best gems through Scholastic. I bought this game years ago and we still play it. It’s a single digit adding and subtracting game, great for kindergarteners. My 5-year-old is a big fan!

fun math games homeschool elementary math

#5 Not quite a game, but still fun: Place Value Set

I would say this is a multi-purpose set because sometimes we use it for math and sometimes we use the pieces to build giant skyscrapers. It’s great because it comes with two board so both the boys can use it at the same time and it’s a great way to visually teach more complex, three and four digit, addition and subtraction.

fun ways to teach math, elementary math homeschool

Child-Lead Approach to Math

This is just one of the many child-led learning approaches we use for math. Another being the ability to integrate it into an interest topic like we did here with LEGO math. The main objective with either approach is to keep it child-centric and to make the learning fun!


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