Roadschool Trip Planning: Northern California Redwoods

When we were planning our roadschool trip, I knew we had to visit the Northern California Redwood Forest. Traveling through the redwoods is always amazing. Navigating those windy roads as a full-time RV family in a massive recreational vehicle – not always amazing. We might have bumped a metal barrier at some point. Miss your turn? Try making a u-turn in a thirty-two foot RV! But it was totally worth it. There were definitely some Big Foot sightings and lots of massive redwood trees! If you’re headed that way, look no further. Here’s a run down of what to see (and some places to avoid).

First Stop: The Drive-Thru Tree

Obviously, this is at the top of the list. We had our Jeep with us, so we were all set to drive through this landmark UNTIL we say the insane amount of scratches on the inside of the tree from side mirrors. Now, I love drive-thru trees. I do. But I also love my side mirrors. They’re super important to me. We went forward, we backed up, again and again and then we decided that it felt a bit more like a walk-thru tree, so we parked and walked right through it!

visiting redwoods, sights to see drive thru tree
The drive-thru tree was actually more of a walk-thru tree

Stop 2: The coolest tree houses ever

There were also some very cool houses made out of tree trunks, so the kids were able to get out and play for quite a while. Great stop, parking is highly recommended!

Visiting the Redwoods, Avenue of the Giants, Giant Redwood trees Northern California redwoods
Amazing tree house in the redwoods

Stop #3: Avenue of the Giants

This was rad because most of the stops through the Avenue of the Giants had short little trails for us to explore with hollowed out trees and the biggest, tallest redwoods ever. We learned a lot about trees and tree roots and tree branches. We are now tree experts. Side note: Crazy how dark it is with all of that foliage. Sunglasses not required.

Visiting redwoods, giants redwood trees, avenue of the giants, drive-thru tree, giant redwood trees northern california
The Trees were insane!

Stop 4: Big Foot!

Looking for that perfect souvenir? Big Foot. There are multiple Big Foot shops and they all seem fairly similar. Great place to buy Big Foot candy, Big Foot driver license, Big Foot bookmarks. Good stuff.

Giant redwoods, visiting the redwoods, avenue of the giants, drive-thru tree, Northern California redwoods
Unfortunately, we didn’t actually see Bigfoot, so no pics of him, but I’m sure he’s in there somewhere!

Stop 5: Okay this isn’t a stop it’s just a recommendation

Just bring your own lunch, okay? Because this is generally a sketchy area with strange people living in the woods and stoney little towns where everyone stares at you if you look kind of normal and/or have children. We ended up in this super weird restaurant that served American food during the week and Mexican food on the weekend with disturbing art all over the walls and this was seriously the best places we could find. We were looking for an hour.

Verdict! Must see

Roadschooling is the best and we cannot wait to get back to the full-time RV lifestyle. Another drive along the Avenue of the Giants will be a must if we head back to Northern California our second time around.



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