Chanukah: 4 great, free printable that teach kids all about the festival of lights

This year, I decided to dedicate the entire homeschool week to Chanukah. Everyday we are doing a fun activity that is also teaching the kids about the holiday and the history behind it. This is important because when my 5-year-old first saw the Menorah he proudly held it above his head and pronounced, “I won the Piston Cup!” (for those of you who haven’t seen Cars and Cars 2 and Cars 3, 5 million times, that’s actually the prize at the end the race, so obviously we had a lot to learn).

Luckily, I found some great printables online and I am pretty sure most, or all are free. I just love some free printables!!

Star of David Maze

Free printable here, from Print Activities

I eased into things with this little Star of David maze. Do your kids love mazes as much as mine?

Hanukah printable
Star of David Maze Printable, link above

Word Scramble

Free printable here, from Have Fun Learning

Next, we move on to an actual writing project, word scramble. Both my 8-year-old and 5-year-old found this challenging, but doable and they had fun with it.


3D Dreidel

Free printable here, from

Moving on to a little coloring project. My 5-year-old was also practicing the words in Hebrew, he thought this one was fun. It’s a dreidel that they can color, cut out and tape together.

hanukah printable
Chanukah dreidel printable, finished product!

Dreidel Charting

Free printable here, from Teachers Pay Teachers

Saving the best of last, we did a chart of how the dreidel falls – would definitely recommend using an actual dreidel for this, not the 3D one the kids made, as that one tended to fall the same way a lot.

Hanukah printable dreidel chart
The kids had so much fun with this!

So, I’m the queen of thematic printables, but we’ll see how the brisket and latkes turn out tonight! Happy Chanukah!



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