RV Road Trip Itinerary: 3 months traveling across the West and Southwest

Alright guys, time to get this itinerary going here. Lots of places to go, mountains to see, campgrounds to park at. First off, RV parks are weird. They are basically like big parking lots, sometimes with amenities and sporadically placed trees. Very different from tent camping. So I had to get over that. Yes, some people boondock (park where ever) but I think I’m more of a KOA type RV-er.

A truck driver friend gifted us the best thing ever – it’s a map book with dry erase markers. Apparently, it tells you the best routes to take when you are driving a massively large vehicle. Love the note he sent along with it – watch out for gas station clearances. Good idea. I probably would have taken the roof right off the rig. I’m serious. That’s why I’m not allowed to drive though.

RV road trip planning west coast southwest
It’s laminated!

So, here is our loose itinerary:

Leaving SF Bay Area


Chico – Is there a better place in that area, IDK, maybe Shasta but that might take like 6 hours. I don’t think I the kids can handle more than 4.

Yreka – Okay we aren’t starting off to strong, but I swear it gets better.

Eugene, OR – Yes, definitely want to visit Eugene

Portland, OR – This is as far north as we are going

Oregon Sand Dunes – These are seriously cool

Redwood National Park – Yesssss!

Somewhere near Forestville

Back to Danville, CA for Thanksgiving and to check out the house before it goes on the market

Pismo Beach

LA maybe, although the area doesn’t excite me

San Diego for sure. We will stay here for a week or so because LEGO LAND HELLO! And Gaslamp bar crawls the zoo because I’m a grown ass woman now.

Palm Springs/Joshua Tree – charge the camera battery, here we come!

Grand Canyon – Must find the best place where no one can fall in. I’ll admit it, I’m scared. It’s so deep and my kids are so – oblivious to dangerous things.

Sedona/Flagstaff – All the things here. I could spend forever here.

Phoenix/Scottsdale – Because we are in Arizona, so it would be silly not to.

New Mexico – Hello! No clue what’s in New Mexico besides cool rugs and ponchos, but am so excited to visit this glorious state.

Also, trying to keep our route away from the direct Mexican border because Sam has been watching these Youtube videos about people standing up to border control when they ask for identification and I don’t want them to think we are RV smugglers. We’ve all seen Weeds and that show ended badly.


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