Developing a homeschool routine

It’s homeschool week three over here and you know how they say it takes five weeks to create a habit? Well, I am hoping that’s the case for our homeschool routine because the amount of effort that I put into some of these homeschool projects is inverse to the level of enthusiasm by children have for me teaching them stuff.

Case in point – they want to learn about the planets. Great. I find a cool planet book, we read it, I write word math problems about the planets, I ask them to write facts about the planets and then we will paint the planets with watercolors.

homeschool routine and projects

Their faces look like I just asked them to eat the watercolors and then write a 5000 word essay on the color of dirt.

Is it seven in the morning? Yes. Am I trying to do this while making them oatmeal and putting their socks on for them to save time before I have to catch the train? Yes.

Okay, maybe I’m not being entirely patient. Just because I could efficiently do this projects in less than 12 minutes does not mean that they can. Also, I’ve had three cups of coffee already.

So, what’s next? Well, let me tell you that I only have three more days in the office. After that, when I tell my kids that they need to sit at the table until they write three sentences on Saturn, I will really mean it.

And for some reason my husband keeps forgetting that we are homeschooling. He’s going for the whole endless summer thing.  I feel like we need to get a calendar.

This is really eye opening, writing about this stuff. List of things to do to improve homeschool vibe: 1.) stop working, 2.) buy calendar, 3.) decrease early morning coffee intake.


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