Roadschooling and That RV Life – A look inside our RV

I know, RV life sounds so glamorous, right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong with two small children and two grown adults navigating our way around the country in a massive house on wheels for three months?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at the rig. This is a high performance, fully loaded recreational vehicle friends. Behold, the Winnebago Vista. Features include: side mirrors, super sweet bunk beds, massively larger front windows and like seven TVs.

rv family life roadschooling
“That there’s an RV, Clark”

Check out the floor plan! So spacious right? I hope it never rains. rv family life roadschooling

And then the interior, the bunks first guys – you know how I feel about bunk beds!

rv family life roadschooling

Gorgeous aren’t they? I mean they have curtains, they have DVD players that we will never let the kids touch. Plus who has DVDs anymore? They even have individual windows. Oh, and that’s our bed in the back there. Also, no water for anyone after 7 because there is one bathroom and it is like 2 feet away from where I will be sleeping. Thanks.

And this is basically the rest of it. The tour has now ended. That’s it! You’re probably thinking – how is Melody going to cook those amazing meals she is known for in that tiny little kitchen? No, you’re not.

rv family life roadschooling

If you’re wondering about space and storage, well I am too. I’m cool with wearing the same three outfits over and over, but what about all of my salad greens? My vitamins and supplements and serums are a major concern. Next major concern – all of our toys. We have a lot of toys. Like pantloads of toys. Where are all the toys going to go? I know some people are proud that their kid only owns a ball and a book, but we have like every toy ever invented. It keeps me up at night.


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