What homeschooling really looks like

As we transition from regular people to nomads, I have taken on the challenge of homeschooling while working full time. This is a short term set-up, since I will only be working for two more weeks, but let me tell you that this first week has been a doozy.

Seriously, we wake up, eat breakfast and do an abbreviate homeschool schedule for about 45 minutes in the morning. My husband takes on some of the work later in the day, but the actual sit down schoolwork happens on my watch for the most part, as does the planning which involves a lot of late night Instagram bookmarks.

So what did we achieve this week? Great question – glad you asked!


This morning we did a self portrait, which I was very impressed with. The best part was when Wyatt told me that his hair was purple and the proceeded to draw bangs – the kid seriously needs a haircut.

homeschool pre-school and pre-k art project curriculum
Love the bangs.

Noah is really into these Dice Games that I found of Teachers Pay Teachers as has been doing one sheet a week. Math will get progressively more difficult, but I wanted to ease him into it since it’s week one.

Homeschool math and language arts first grade and pre-k curriculum
Some of the materials we used the first week

Wyatt has been working on drawing, coloring and art. Oh and following directions and not throwing things. If we can accomplish that last point, that would be great. Until then, I must remove all breakables below 4 feet.

Nature & Exercise

Oh and nature! How can I forget nature? We went on a 1/4 mile nature hike yesterday. It was slow paced and scenic. The kids loved it. Noah was the leader and I actually used this to bribe him to do his work in the morning.

Homeschool art project curriculum

So there goes week one – wait, I just realized it’s only Thursday. Well, it’s a holiday weekend so maybe we will take tomorrow off. Yep, just decided this is going to be a four day week. And someone needs to order me a spa treatment stat.

And then at some point we painted rocks because I just needed like 11 minutes to go on Facebook and ignore my children. Love them so much!

Homeschool art project curriculum
Painting rocks because I needed a break from my beautiful children




  1. Hello, we are just in the middle of this transition too. Packing up our home and getting ready for travelling life with two children. We are in the U.K.- how about you?

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