Roadschool Planning: Getting the kids involved

Today we did a trip planning homeschool session to prepare the boys for our roadschool RV journey. We went through some basic planning steps for RV travel. It was very… insightful. I suppose that is the best word for it.

Task 1: Jobs

We will all have jobs on the road. This is in contrast to our current set-up in which the kids request items incessantly and we either deliver or ignore them. See Roadschooling: My 5 Step Plan for details on how I plan to whip them into shape. It’s brilliant.

roadschool planning
So we are working on responsibility. My six-year-old really took this task seriously and created the following list:
  • Mom: Grease and sewage (no thanks.)
  • Noah: Pipes (so basically nothing)
  • Wyatt: Set the table
  • Dad: Water and drive
Obviously, this still needs a bit of work.
Roadschool planning with kids
Task 2: Items to bring on the trip
This is where my three-year-old really shined. So many important items that I would have otherwise forgotten like pretzels, stacking cups, umbrellas, LEGS (we will be walking, so makes sense), lemon water (no, he does not actually like lemon water), maps, pretzel sticks (totally different than regular pretzels, which he calls pretzel 8s), train stuff and coffee for mom.
Reminiscent of the other day when he just walked out of the pantry with a bottle of wine and said, “Mom, I got something for you!” This kid knows me too well.
and lastly, the final step, things we need to do to get ready for the trip
Task 3: Prepare for the journey
My six-year-old had some good ideas here:
  1. Sort (this was supposed to be sort through old toys, but he asked if he could just write “sort”, so there it is)
  2. Gas
  3. Car
  4. Sell (stuff. he chose this over donate.)
  5. Move stuff
  6. Beds

Pretty comprehensive. That just about covers it. Especially compared to my three-year-olds list, which you can decipher for yourself below.

roadschool planning with kids

As you can see, offloading planning to small children really can lighten the load. Their next job will be packing. Just another one of the Benefits of homeschooling 🙂


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