Preparing for the move: Colorado

In preparation for our move, we visited Colorado in June to check out and loved the area around Boulder. At the end of our three month roadschooling adventure, we plan to land in Colorado and settle down there. I felt like we drove around the entire state. Maybe not the ENTIRE state, but we were all over the place during our seven day trip. It was so worth it because now when I look at houses I can visualize where the town is in relation to Denver and Boulder and I have an idea of the traffic, highways, etc.

After three months on the road, we will head to Colorado and seriously start looking for our new home. I think we will love traveling in the RV, but will probably be excited to all have our own space after spending three months together in such close quarters.

Our absolute favorite place in Colorado, besides all the fantastic breweries, was the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. Our kids want to move to Colorado because of that museum. It was SO cool. We didn’t actually ride a train, but they have such a great collection of vintage trains that the kids can climb in and even ring the bell.

preparing for a move, moving with kids

Since this was just a vacation, we didn’t do much in the way of homeschooling, but we did do a lot of exploring! We visited like a billion parks. Literally, we would go look at houses in a town and when the kids started to get restless, we would jam to the nearest park and let them run around for a half hour.

preparing for a move, moving with kids

We also went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. So many cool things to see. The space exhibit was awesome. They had a cool space rover and some great NASA exhibits that the kids loved.

The best part was that since we are members of the San Jose Children’s Discovery museum, we were able to get in free. We literally threw all of our random kids park memberships at them and one actually worked!

I believe this is supposed to be mud from Mars, but I might have just made that up.

See, I didn’t think we did any homeschooling, but writing this I realized that we learned tons about space at the science museum and we got a great history lesson at the railroad museum so maybe I change my mind, we homeschooled and it was super easy (note to self – cancel homeschool consultant).



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